City Store

Bata operates stores in many of the world’s fashion capitals. Bata City Stores offer urban customers the best in today’s fashion footwear and accessories. These stores are in city centres’ prime locations, and provide a high level of customer service, exclusive fashion shoelines with complementary accessories, and contemporary shopping environments to discerning shoppers.

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Large Format Store

Bata Superstores offer a wide assortment of fashion, casual and athletic footwear for the entire family. Located primarily in urban and suburban shopping centres, these spacious stores offer the best value by providing good quality shoes at great prices. Service is fast thanks to a self selection shopping environment with qualified staff to serve and assist.
One of the cornerstones of the Bata Superstore is the sports area: a real store within a store. All the key international sports brands are featured, carefully selected for the most discerning customers.

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Family Store

Bata is the world’s leading family footwear chain thanks to the wide assortment of everyday fashion footwear available in our stores from Milano to Delhi. The products are primarily the Bata brand, with a carefully selected assortment of articles from both local and international brands.

Factory Store

Factory stores first opened in 2003 and are the largest and the most value-oriented stores of our retail chain.
They are ideally located in power centres, commercial parks and outlet centres with easy parking facilities.
The product selection offers more than 10,000 styles of ladies, mens, childrens and sport shoes with related accessories and apparel sold at attractive price points.
It is based on a self service concept with helpful staff available for service at anytime.

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